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Frequently Asked Online Bill Payment/Presentment Questions

Q: What is Online Bill Payment?

A: A service that allows you to set up payments online to just about anyone. You select the person or company to make a payment to and the payments system will withdraw the money from your account and send the payee a paper check or an electronic payment.

You can schedule payments in advance. You can even set up payments to reschedule them automatically.

Q: Who can use the service?

A: Anyone who uses this Internet banking site. To activate the payments service for your account, please contact Hyperion Bank. There may be a fee for this service.

Q: How are payments made?

A: The Bill Pay Provider (a third party vendor) makes the payment for you and the amount is automatically deducted from your account. Depending on the payee, payments are sent as paper checks or electronic payments. All you need to do is to set up a list of payees to whom you want to make payments. A payee can be any company, service, or individual, which you need to add to the system only once.

After you set up your payees list, you schedule your payments. Payments can be one-time only or recurring. Recurring payments are automatically rescheduled on the date you specify.

Q: How far in advance must I schedule payments?

A: We recommend that you schedule your payment a minimum of four (4) business days before the actual bill due date to allow time for electronic processing, or for mailing if a paper check is sent. The Online Bill Pay system determines whether a payment is sent electronically or by check, based on whether the payee accepts electronic payments and other guidelines.

Note: Remember that the payee might not post the payment immediately, so please check with them.

Q. How do I know if the company or person received my payment?

A. Look for the payment to move from the Pending Payments section to the Recent Payments section. You can see a list of pending and recent payments for a particular biller in the Payment Assistant.

You can see a list of pending and recent payments for all billers in the Payment Center.

If the payment was processed normally, you see the amount of the payment. If you canceled the payment, or if it failed during processing, you see the status of the payment.

You can also check the status of the payment in Bill History. If the status is Paid, the payment has been sent to the biller. In some cases, you may see the date when the biller posted the payment to your account.

When you set up your bill reminders, you can select an option to receive an e-mail message when the payment is sent. The message contains any posting information that the biller sends us. If you want to confirm that the payment has been posted to your account, contact the biller. It can take a few days for the biller's payment system to show the credit to your account.

Q. Can I change a payment?

A. Yes. If the payment has not started processing, you can change the:

  • Account from which to make the payment.
  • Date you want the biller to receive the payment.
  • Amount of the payment.

Changing the Biller--If you made a payment to the wrong biller, you can cancel the incorrect payment and make another one to the correct biller.

Q: Who can I make payments to?

A: Anyone in the U.S., if you have their mailing address. We have many companies already on our national database, but you may add anyone to the payee database as long as you supply the mailing address.

However, we do not recommend using the service to make tax payments, because your payment would arrive without your tax return forms, making it much more difficult to process. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service (as well as most other government agencies and state taxation authorities) will not cooperate with a third party vendor in cases of discrepancy or other disputes.

Q. Which bills can't I pay with Online Bill Pay?

A. You cannot use Online Bill Pay to pay any company or person with an address outside the United States or its territories.

Q: What are Automatic Payments?

A: An Automatic Payment can be set to make a recurring payment for the same amount on a particular schedule (e.g., your mortgage payment), or can be set to automatically pay any E-bill. The Online Bill Pay System can automatically pay an E-bill regardless of the payment amount, or you can choose to set a limit on the amount automatically paid. For example, you can have the system pay bills under $100, but for bills over $100, you will receive a message that the minimum amount due on your bill exceeds your maximum limit. In this case, schedule the bill on the Payment Center page.

Q: I see the message: "Pay all your bills in just minutes when you add Bill Pay to your Internet Banking service. Simplify bill paying in one easy step." What does it mean?

A: It means if you haven't already, you should sign up for Bill Pay. If you requested the service more than a few days ago, contact Customer Service at Hyperion Bank for assistance.

Q: How do I register?

A: Go to Add/View Account Services on the User Services tab. There may be a fee for the service.

Q: How long does it take to start up the service?

A: It takes a few business days. You will receive notification when you can use Online Bill Pay.

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