Cash Management

Cash management services help businesses manage better, and our convenient business online banking and mobile tools make it easy to manage your business banking 24/7.

Contact our customer service team to inquire about cash management services and set your business up today. Call 215.789.4200, email us, or visit our banking office.


Sweep Accounts

If your business has high average monthly collected balances or significant fluctuations in excess cash, a sweep account turns your business checking account into a working investment vehicle. Sweep accounts enable funds to be transferred from your existing Hyperion Bank Money Market or Savings account, so that you can earn interest on the excess balance in your business checking account.

Sweep Account advantages

  • End-of-day sweep maximizes investment balances
  • Your target balance is maintained daily
  • Depository accounts can be linked

Contact us to learn more about interest rates and the sweep agreement.

Checking account transaction fees still apply.

ACH & Wire Transfer

Transfer funds to and from accounts with ACH or Wire Transfers

ACH and Wire Transfer are fast, accurate, and secure ways to disburse funds, speed payment and collections, and reduce operating costs. Conveniently and securely transfer funds between accounts held by different people and entities via Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions or Wire Transfers.

To inquire about or initiate electronic funds transfers via ACH or Wire Transfer, please call our customer service team at 215.789.4200.

Wire Transfer

A Wire Transfer electronically moves funds between banking institutions or non-bank providers (such as Western Union). Individuals and businesses may use Wire Transfers to send or receive funds in the U.S. or abroad.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Businesses often use ACH to save time and money, and improve payment processing efficiency and accuracy on transactions such as payroll and debit/credit batches. ACH can also be used to collect regular monthly payments, such as loan payments, membership dues, and utility payments.

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Electronic Business Banking 

Business Online Banking

Use online banking for Cash Management and more. Watch this quick video to see key Business Online Banking features.

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Business Bill Pay

Watch this quick video to learn more about convenient business bill pay features.

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Business Mobile Banking

Use our Hyperion Bank Cash Management app for business banking from any Apple or Android device. Watch this quick video to learn more.

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Payroll Direct Deposit

Business owners and their employees all enjoy the benefits of payroll direct deposit:

  • Employees have faster access to their funds
  • Payroll funds are transferred from your business account in a single debit transaction, making account reconciliation a one-step process
  • Direct deposit enhances accuracy and security

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a security service that helps you protect against check fraud by matching the check number and dollar amount of each check presented against a list of checks previously authorized and issued by your company. These components must match exactly or the check will not be paid unless you authorize them as exceptions.

Hyperion Bank has great services and a 1-to-1 personal touch that people feel good about.

Sedo Sanchez, President, Chango, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

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