Order & Reorder Checks

Hyperion Bank partners with Main Street Checks to provide our customers with quality checks for business and personal use.

If you need assistance with ordering or reordering checks, contact us at 215.789.4200, email customer service or visit our office during banking hours.


How to Order Hyperion Bank Checks

If this is your first time ordering our checks (or if you have not ordered our checks since 04/01/10), our customer service team must place your initial order for you. After your first order, you will be able to easily reorder checks online at your convenience.

First-Time Order

To place your first-time order:

  1. Review and select your check design:
  2. Call us at 215.789.4200 to speak with a customer service representative and order your checks.

Now Available!

Hyperion Bank Custom Checks.1


Reorder Checks

You may reorder personal and business checks safely and securely on the Main Street Checks website. Ordering online directly with Main Street is just as safe as ordering in person or over the phone. The Main Street Checks website is Verisign® secure, so your transaction and account information is protected and confidential.

To reorder checks you will need:

  • the Control Number,
  • our ABA Routing Number,
  • and the last four digits of your Checking Account number.

This information can be found on your existing checks and the check re-order form that came with your previous order.

Ordering Details

When you reorder checks, you may select the same design or a new check style1, and order additional accessories such as deposit slips. You may also track your order status on the Main Street Checks website.

To ensure the protection of your checking account, the address on your checks and your mailing address cannot be changed with your order. If you need to change your address or have other questions, please contact us for assistance.

Reorder checks with Main Street Checks2

1. You may order Hyperion Bank Custom Checks at no additional charge when you place your check order; normal ordering fees for various quantities apply.

2. When you click on the Reorder link above, you will enter our check vendor's website. When you have completed your check reorder, you may return to your Internet Banking service by closing the check vendor website window. For security purposes, your Internet Banking session may be discontinued after 10 minutes of inactivity. You may log back into your Internet Banking service at any time.

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