Schedule of Fees

If you have questions about any of these services, please call 215.789.4200, email customer service or visit our office for personal assistance.

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Effective January 3, 2022


General Fees



ATM Card Replacement

$5.00 each

Account Research

$30.00/hour and $2.00 per copy

Statement Reconciliation

$30.00/hour; minimum ½ hour


$1.00 per page

Activity Statement

$2.00 each

Paper Statement

$3.00 each

Cashier’s (Bank) Check

$7.00 each

Counter Check

$5.00 each

Early Account Closing


(within 6 months of opening and all early closings of Club Accounts)

Dormant Account

$8.00/month in dormant status

Auto-Overdraft Protection transfer from another Hyperion Bank Deposit Account*

$5.00 per occurrence

Overdraft/Return Item/NSF

(may be created by checks, in-person withdrawals or by other electronic means)

$35.00 each

Returned Deposit Item*

$15.00 each *

Legal Levies & Garnishments

$125.00 each

Night Deposit Keys 


Night Deposit Sealed Bags

$30.00/100 bags

Notary Public

FREE for Hyperion Bank Customers

Stop Payment

$30.00 each

International Check Processing

$25.00 each for checks under $300.00

$75.00 each for checks over $300.00 

Wire Transfers: Outgoing

$25.00 (Domestic)

$50.00 (International)

Wire Transfers: Incoming

No Charge(Domestic)

$25.00 (International)

Expedited Bill Payment: Electronic

$5.00 each

Expedited Bill Payment: Overnight Check

$25.00 each

Zelle Transfer: Standard Delivery


Zelle Transfer: Express (Next Day) Delivery

(via eMail Address/Mobile Phone only)

$0.00 - $499.99

$5.00 each


$7.00 each

$2,500.00 and more

$10.00 each

Business Banking Security Token

(Additional/ Replacements)

$10.00 each
Coin Counting Machine FREE for Hyperion Bank Customers

Excess Withdrawal Fee

(Savings/Money Market Accounts are limited to six pre-authorized withdrawals per statement cycle)

Safe Deposit Box Rentals

10”x 10”


5”x 10”


3”x 10”


3”x 5”


Drilling of Box

Market Cost

Replacing Lock and New Keys

Market Cost

Business Analysis Checking Accounts Only

ServiceMonthly Fee
Reserve Requirement 10%
Earnings Allowance .20%
Analysis Maintenance $20.00
Deposit (tickets) $0.25 each
Credit Memo $0.50 each
Remote Deposit Capture $50.00
Debit Memo $0.25 each
ACH Credits $0.10 each
ACH Debit $0.10 each

Transit Item

(checks deposited)

$0.12 each


(items paid)

$0.18 each


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