Merchant Services & Payroll Management Solutions with SIMPAY®

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Simpay® Solutions


Hyperion Bank partners with Simpay® to provide tailored efficient, and stress-free solutions for business owners. When you work with Hyperion Bank and Simpay®, you'll spend less time at your desk and more time with your team and your customers.


Merchant Card Processing Services

Simpay® enables businesses to accept cash, card, and digital payments--and with approval, hardware, software, and service all under one roof, Simpay® can get you operational in just days!

Once you’re running a Simpay® card processing solution, you’ll enjoy:

  • Smooth check-out for your customers
  • Quick access to your funds; often next-day
  • Competitive rates
  • Mobile and countertop payment stations
  • Online, anytime access to your reports

Smart, friendly customer support.

Like Hyperion Bank, Simpay® is dedicated to sharing knowledge and advice with business owners.

To learn more about the credit card transaction process, read their blog posts:

Payroll Services

Simpay® can craft a payroll process that fits most any business, including restaurants of all kinds, with their unique needs for handling tip allowances, meals, and other compensation. Hundreds of businesses trust their payroll management to Simpay® - join the family!

Simpay® offers businesses:

  • Payroll done accurately and on time
  • An easy-to-use, secure online portal
  • Integrated time clock; prevent “buddy punch-out” fraud
  • Compliance and wage tax regulation changes all managed for you
  • Easily integrates with QuickBooks® and other accounting software
  • All your reports filed with local, state, and federal authorities without you lifting a finger
  • Plus an optional HR module for employee management support

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