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Philadelphia Business Journal quotes Hyperion Bank Chairman & CEO Charlie Crawford

March 19, 2021--Philadelphia Business Journal reporter Jeff Blumenthal wrote about how pandemic disruption has left the region's banks operating in uncertainty. The story is the first of four to be published in a special report about what Philadelphia-area executives have learned from the pandemic and how they are planning for the future.

Blumenthal interviewed a handful of Philadelphia bank executives for the story, including Charlie Crawford, Chairman and CEO of Hyperion Bank.

As Blumenthal reported, Charlie said: "the industry has had to rethink its technology strategy — even after spending the prior decade adapting to mobile and online banking. The pandemic accelerated that evolution and that train has certainly left the station, as even the customers most resistant to non-branch delivery channels had to adapt. Some bankers not willing or able to make the commitment and investment required to keep pace with technology demands could choose to become sellers. And conversely, bankers need to be careful not to take the focus on technology too far. You have to go big on tech but don’t want it to replace personal relationships. They need to complement each other.”


Lauren Flowers, Hyperion Bank Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Secretary, discusses how banks can increase financial literacy and inclusion in underserved communities for The Chamber of Greater Philadelphia

March 17, 2021--Lauren Flowers, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Secretary, Hyperion Bank, recently contributed a Member Perspective to The Chamber of Greater Philadelphia as a Guest Commentator. In her commentary, Lauren answered this question: "How can banks increase financial literacy and inclusion in underserved communities to support Greater Philadelphia’s inclusive recovery?

"We have found that one of the simplest ways to increase financial literacy is by using plain language, including taking care not to communicate solely in 'banker-speak.' It’s easy to forget when you work in banking that not everyone knows or understands banking terms or the acronyms common in our industry," wrote Lauren.

"This can mean taking care to not abbreviate everything to an acronym and to explain words and products and alternatives. It also means not assuming people know exactly what they need. After all, we’re the bankers, so a potential customer should not be expected to understand everything we do or all of the financial alternatives available to them.

A key part of this is listening. For example, is the challenge or goal a customer is telling us about in sync with the banking solution they are asking for or would a different alternative serve them better? By listening and asking good questions, we often help them in a way they didn’t expect or solve a problem they didn’t even know they had.

This more interactive, tailored approach in which we can very naturally roll a bit of financial education into most every interaction is part of the relationship-oriented stance of community banks. Banks like ours are smaller by design, so this is a hands-on way for us to address financial literacy, whereas larger big-box banks may have the resources to have bigger, more formalized financial literacy programs."

Continue reading Lauren's perspective on The Chamber's website.



Hyperion Bank Chairman & CEO Charlie Crawford heard on Atlanta Business Radio

February 2020--Business RadioX ® host Lee Kantor recently interviewed Charlie Crawford for Atlanta Business Radio. Citing Charlie's long career in community banking, the introduction notes: "Like his previous startups, Hyperion Bank is built on a customer-first commitment, serving both individuals and business owners through technology and local decision making."

"Charlie was recognized as one of the Most Admired CEOs of 2020 by the Philadelphia Business Journal. He is frequently quoted about banking and related topics, in media outlets ranging from American Banker to U.S. News & World Report."

Click to hear Charlie discuss:
• Hyperion Bank and how Charlie got involved
• How 2020 was a record year for the bank
• Why Hyperion Bank opened an Atlanta office, and how it has done well even after launching just a few months before the pandemic
• How Hyperion Bank serves customers wherever they live or work with excellent mobile and online technology
• About Hyperion Mortgage
• What’s coming up in 2021

If you have questions about any of the topics Charlie discusses in this interview, email Charlie.

You can also find Charlie's interview on Atlanta Business Radio on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Tune In, and Amazon Music.


HOMETOWN BANKER Magazine features Charlie Crawford in article on Diversity and Inclusion in the Banking Industry

December 16, 2020--Hyperion Bank Chairman and CEO Charlie Crawford was asked to provide his perspective about "Opening the Door to Opportunity for All: Diversity and Inclusion in the Banking Industry" for an article published in HOMETOWN BANKER magazine today.

In her article, author Diane M. Sweeney pegged the history of diversity in the workplace to a landmark study, “Workforce 2000 – Work and Workers in the 21st century,” commissioned by former Secretary of Labor William E. Brock and published in 1987 by the Hudson Institute.

That renowned book and its sequel, "Workforce 2020" published a decade later, examined changing economic and demographic trends and how companies would need to adapt to be successful in the evolving workplace environment. Sweeney wrote: "Twenty years later, we know that diversity and inclusion are so much more than policies, programs, and headcounts. A diverse and inclusive workplace is one where everyone feels equally respected, involved, and supported — a workplace where unique needs and perspectives are discussed, welcomed, and recognized."

Sweeney cited data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, noting that, "in the financial services industry, only 13.6% of minorities hold senior official positions in the United States. In the state of Pennsylvania, approximately 8% of minorities are part of the senior team."

“'At the heart of the matter, is equity,' shares Charlie Crawford. 'We need to recognize that not everyone starts at the same place. To understand what we need to do and implement, first we need to listen. We need to keep adapting to make sure we are not only represented by everyone but that each of those people has the same opportunities.'”

The article continues to explore the benefits of a diverse and inclusive culture, and what this means for Pennsylvania's community banks and the industry overall. 


Philadelphia Business Journal names Charlie Crawford a "2020 Most Admired CEO"

December 2020--Hyperion Bank Chairman and CEO Charlie Crawford was named to the Philadelphia Business Journal's 2020 list of Most Admired CEOs. In announcing the honorees on November 9, 2020, Ryan Sharrow, the Business Journal's Editor in Chief, noted, "The role of being a CEO requires planning, preparing for new challenges and always being ready for what's next. Add a global pandemic into the mix and, well, things quickly change. The Philadelphia Business Journal's Most Admired CEOs for 2020 are demonstrating the skills needed to lead their companies past the current hurdles and into the future."

The 28 winners for 2020 were selected from more than 80 nominations. This year's honorees, representing diverse companies and nonprofit organizations, will be featured on December 11 in a special print and online edition of the Business Journal.

Please join us in congratulating Charlie on his most recent recognition!


Hyperion Bank announces new holding company

October 22, 2020 Hyperion Bank shareholders approved the formation of a new bank holding company, Hyperion Bancshares, Inc., clearing a path for Hyperion Bank to become a wholly owned subsidiary of the holding company, pending regulatory approval. While this structural change will not affect our customers, it is a positive step for our organization, providing the bank with greater flexibility and other advantages.

Hyperion Bank Chairman and CEO Charlie Crawford says, "The holding company is a very common structure for community banks because, among other things, of the flexibility it provides for capital. We are undertaking this to ensure that we are best positioned to leverage future opportunities."

Consumers will experience no impact during this seamless administrative change--we're still the same Hyperion Bank you know (and love)! If you'd like to learn more about the value of a bank holding company, Charlie will gladly answer your questions: please contact him at


Hyperion Bank ranks #34 on the Philadelphia Business Journal 2020 "Soaring 76" list of region's fastest growing public and private companies 

October 2020--Hyperion Bank was honored to be included among the many fine private and public companies on the Philadelphia Business Journal's 2020 "Soaring 76." When the rankings were released, they revealed that Hyperion Bank's outstanding 39% growth during the three-year period from 2017 through 2019 placed us at #34 on the Soaring 76 list. Hyperion Bank outperformed the other two banks that qualified for the list, and we are the only Pennsylvania-based bank to make the Soaring 76.

Michael Potter, Managing Director of The Philadelphia Business Journal, says that its 5th annual list of the region's fastest growing companies "is compiled from nominations of qualifying private companies, as well as Business Journal analysis of Securities and Exchange Commission filings for all public companies headquartered in the Philadelphia region. The rankings are based on revenue growth over the three-year period from 2017 through 2019."

In announcing the first group of honorees, Potter wrote, "In the midst of business restrictions and closures, it's easy to forget that Greater Philadelphia’s business community was riding high before the pandemic came along. It's also more difficult to recognize that another 's" – success – still abounds. These victories may be less prominent, somewhat obscured by the current crisis and the daunting recovery work at hand, but they are both impressive and worth celebrating – perhaps now more than ever."

Charlie Crawford, Hyperion Bank Chairman and CEO, said, “We are honored to receive this recognition which is a tribute to our employees, customers, and investors that have helped us achieve this growth.”


Charlie Crawford Elected to Board of Directors of Community Bankers Association of Georgia

September 25, 2020--The Community Bankers Association of Georgia (CBA of GA) voted unanimously to add Hyperion Bank Chairman and CEO Charlie Crawford to its Board of Directors. Charlie is a highly experienced and passionate advocate for community banking and currently a member of the Board of the Pennsylvania Community Banker's Association (PACB), which he will continue to serve as a Director.

John McNair, President and Chief Executive Officer of the CBA of GA, said, "The Community Bankers Association of Georgia is pleased to welcome Mr. Charles B. Crawford, Jr. to its Board of Directors. Working both in Georgia and in Pennsylvania, Charlie brings a unique blend of experience to our Board. We are grateful for his leadership and willingness to serve our association.”

Since Hyperion maintains banking offices in Philadelphia and Atlanta, Charlie's service on both Boards enables him to advocate for locally-owned and operated banks and their customers in both states.


Hyperion Bank Chairman & CEO Charlie Crawford discusses how a mail slowdown impacts banks and customers in American Banker magazine

August, 2020--Charlie Crawford recently spoke with Jon Prior, a consumer banking writer at American Banker magazine, for Prior's August 21 article on "Why sluggish mail delivery matters to banks."

Charlie noted that in the event of a mail slowdown, he is preparing to send bank employees to small businesses to collect paperwork that might be needed for PPP relief and that would otherwise be mailed. He says, "the issue is one more reason Congress should streamline the process and automatically forgive loans for smaller businesses."


Community Banks Helping PA Businesses Recover and Connect

May, 2020--Charlie Crawford, Chairman & CEO of Hyperion Bank, was interviewed by Diane Sweeney for her HOMETOWN BANKER cover story: "Wicked Nimble Response--On the Frontline helping Pennsylvania Businesses Recover and Connect."

The article discussed how "Community bankers are on the front line in supporting local businesses and communities, helping them get access to funds to keep staff on payroll, doors open, and operations running."

It also described how PACB and its members, including Hyperion Bank, took swift action to review and respond to the preliminary version of the SBA loan program intended to provide economic relief for businesses impacted by COVID-19. Working together with state legislators, the Pennsylvania Bankers Association (PBA), and the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) in a compressed timeframe, PACB helped its bank members implement the revised loan systems to process PPP loans and issued guidance about how best to serve their customers, physically and virtually.

When the PPP loan program first launched, Hyperion was one of many banks across the country that experienced problems accessing the SBA's online loan platform. Seeking assistance, Charlie contacted PACB. 

"Kevin Shrivers (PACB President &CEO) personally made phone calls, got me the name of a specific contact, and I gained almost immediate access. It's great to have PACB as a conduit, along with PBA and ICBA," said Charlie.

Pennsylvania's community banks also helped each other to ensure that all their customers could be served promptly. As Sweeney wrote, "The unique aspect of community banking is the connection bankers have to their customers. It's not the number or size of transactions that are most important to those in community banking, it is the personal connection to the people in their community."


Philadelphia Inquirer Interviews Charlie Crawford

April 6, 2020--Charlie Crawford, Chairman & CEO of Hyperion Bank, shared his expert insight with Inquirer financial reporters Erin Arvedlund and Andrew Seidman in their story, "What small business owners need to apply for the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program." 

The SBA Paycheck Protection Program known as PPP is a government funded, unsecured, no-guarantee loan program to help businesses with up to 500 employees, as well as sole proprietors and independent contractors, access economic relief funds that might help them ride out the storm created by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Intended largely to support payroll and other business expenditures so that companies can keep their staff employed, loans are for a maximum of two years at an interest rate of 1.00%. PPP loans are often forgivable for businesses that meet the lending criteria.

PPP was launched on April 3 and later paused due to depleted funding until April 27, when approved SBA lenders such as Hyperion Bank were authorized to resume accepting loan applications. As Charlie had predicted in the Inquirer story, "It's first come, first served, so the demand will be huge."

Hyperion Bank has been working to meet that demand by helping many of our business customers apply for a PPP loan up to $10 million. As Charlie noted in The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Turnaround time will be much quicker than normal SBA loan time. All that needs to be done is verify it's been a business in business, then payroll verification."


Checking vs. Savings Accounts

February 21, 2020--Hyperion’s Amy Ellis (Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending in Atlanta) was included in a U.S. News & World Report article about the differences between checking and savings accounts.

A checking account is a deposit account and is intended to be transactional and liquid with the deposit holder accessing their funds via check or ATM or increasingly through electronic methods," says Amy. "Most people associate checking accounts with paying bills or perhaps payroll."

The reporter also asked about traditional versus online banking. Amy notes that Hyperion provides the best of both worlds, “That’s a very individual decision based on everything from personal preference to lifestyle, comfort level, relationships with a banker (or not) and many other factors. As a banker, I will say that line is increasingly blurred, as bricks-and-mortar banks like ours stay on the forefront of banking technology. So, consumers can actually choose sort of a hybrid – online and digital convenience, but with real-live humans to call on if and when they need to. That’s us!”


Relationship banking, managing bank fees

February 12, 2020--Lou DeCesare, President and COO of Hyperion Bank, was quoted in an article published by about "How to Avoid Unnecessary Bank Fees." 

We rebate up to $25 per statement of fees charged to them by other banks when they use our bank's debit card for domestic withdrawals,” said Lou. "We think this makes it easier for customers to bank with us wherever they live or work."

 Lou also noted: “For a consumer interested in full-service banking - what might seem like old-fashioned, hands-on banking to some - you'll do better in the long run to choose a bank that wants to work with you across multiple bank products and services. In my 30 years' banking experience, I've found that too few consumers know that rate shopping may not actually save them fees or hassle in the long run.”


Our Atlanta office gets media attention

October 8, 2019--Hyperion Bank's expansion into Atlanta is getting noticed by national and local media. An American Banker story by John Reosti covered our new Atlanta office, with numerous quotes by Hyperion Bank Chairman & CEO Charlie Crawford.

Noting that Atlanta is a vibrant market with 4% unemployment (in August 2019) and a population that increased by 1.3% last year, Charlie added,

We're in two very nice markets...Both are growing. It gives us geographic diversity and customer diversity.

News of Hyperion Bank's Atlanta office was also featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the Marietta Daily Journal, Metro Atlanta CEO, and the Northside Neighbor.


Hyperion Bank Chairman & CEO Charles B. Crawford, Jr. named a 2019 Inquirer Influencer of Finance

Philadelphia, PA—February 6, 2019

Logo-Inq-Influencer-of- Finance

Charles B. “Charlie” Crawford, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hyperion Bank, has been selected as a winner in the Banker category for The Philadelphia Inquirer’s 2019 Influencer of Finance Awards. Crawford will be recognized as one of the 29 Finance Industry Leaders to be celebrated at the Awards luncheon ceremony on Thursday, February 28, 2019 at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia, PA.

Crawford is a champion of community banking who has a strong record of creating value for bank constituents, including customers, employees, shareholders, regulators, and the community. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Association of Community Bankers (PACB) and is a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of YPO and The Union League.

After earning dual bachelor’s degrees in economics and management from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Crawford pursued a successful banking career in New York City and Atlanta, Georgia. He returned to Philadelphia in August 2017 to helm Hyperion Bank, a locally-owned and operated community bank founded in 2006 in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties neighborhood, at the intersection of N. 2nd Street and Girard Avenue. In fall 2018 Crawford led the $18.3 million recapitalization of Hyperion Bank, positioning it to make commercial loans up to $3 million, and deliver on a customer-focused “high touch” service model that strives to provide a better banking experience for individual and business clients.

I am honored to be recognized among the 29 distinguished recipients of the 2019 Inquirer Influencer of Finance award.

I believe that in the banking industry, products, pricing, and technology tend to be a commodity. The differentiator is the people and the relationship between the client and the banker. Our clients appreciate unrestricted access to local decision-makers, and we are passionate about delivering excellent service experiences. As a community bank, we are community builders, and I am proud to work with the dedicated Hyperion Bank team that helps us fulfill our mission every day.

Charles B. Crawford

Crawford earned an M.B.A. from the Georgia State University J. Mack Robinson College of Business, which honored him with its Alumni Award for Entrepreneurship in 2011, and additionally graduated from the Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Banking. He has previously served on the Board of Directors of Georgia State University, The Carter Center, the Georgia Tennis Foundation, the Atlanta History Center, among others, and is looking forward to building relationships with more community organizations in the Philadelphia region.

Crawford is an avid tennis player and marathon runner, who has completed 16 full marathons, including Boston and New York City, and numerous half-marathons. A resident of Center City, Philadelphia, he enjoys running and training on the City’s streets, and can daily be found walking from the City Hall area where he lives to the Hyperion Bank office at 199 West Girard Avenue. In addition to coaching tennis, he was a cheerleader during his undergraduate years at the University of Pennsylvania. Crawford attributes much of his success in business to the leadership, discipline, and relationship skills he has practiced as a competitive athlete.

The Inquirer Influencer of Finance Awards program will feature keynote speaker, Patrick T. Harker, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, who will discuss the economic outlook, followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion on FinTech (Financial Technology), an emerging industry that uses innovative technology to improve traditional activities in finance and delivery of financial services. The panel, led by Erin Arvedlund, Financial Columnist, The Philadelphia Inquirer, includes Julapa Jagtiani, Senior Special Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, and Brendan McConnell, Chief Operating Officer, Brinker Capital. Tickets to the Awards program may be purchased at

Contact Charlie Crawford at 215.789.4185 or Learn more about Hyperion Bank at


Hyperion raises $18.3 million

Northern Liberties-based Hyperion Bank raised $18.3 million from investors, a process than began shortly after CEO Charlie Crawford took the helm of the tiny lender last year. The influx of funds includes $14.8 million from a stock offering that completed on Sept. 30 and $3.5 million from existing shareholders.

Hyperion said the new capital will enable the bank to make more commercial loans and increase its loan limit to $3 million. The bank, which opened in 2006 at 2nd & Girard streets, still has just $88 million in total assets, as of June 30. Since Crawford took over, he hired a new chief financial officer, expanded staffing in its customers services and credit departments, started a residential mortgage lending department, and upgraded mobile and online banking technology.

-Philadelphia Business Journal | Jeff Blumenthal, October 15, 2018

Additional Story

Hyperion Bank completes $18.3 million recapitalization

The Philadelphia Inquirer | Joseph N. DiStefano, October 10, 2018

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